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Attorney at Law

General y Administrativo


Perfil de la plaza

Specific Tasks:
  • Develop a compliance matrix on tax, labor, consumer protection and permit obligations.
  • Keep custody and registration of all legal books of the company and the contracts that are signed (NDAs, contracts with shops, contracts with employees, drivers, leases, suppliers, etc.)
  • Renew trade registrations annually (if applicable) and keep trade obligations up to date (approve and deposit Financial Statements in the register, assign auditors, etc.)
  • Carry out intellectual property formalities.
  • Negotiate contracts with shops, merchants, suppliers, leases, etc. directly with the counterparty's legal teams.
  • Other tasks entrusted by Country Managers and Legal Management


  • Graduate of a bachelor's degree in legal science
  • Authorized as a lawyer for the Republic.
  • Minimum experience of 2 years in similar positions.
  • Desirable to be notary
  • Desirable intermediate or advanced Spanish level

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