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Head of biosafety

General y Administrativo


Perfil de la plaza

General description:

Organize, structure and coordinate the biosafety team.

Specific responsabilities:

  • Structure the necessary equipment for the development of tasks.
  • Select the profiles of biosafety managers and supervisors in cities where the operation is relatively large
  • Carry out the study and detailed analysis of the Biosafety Protocol to be implemented
  • Carry out induction to the personnel of selected Chiefs and/or supervisors.
  • Negociate with suppliers for the acquisition of biosafety inputs.
  • Coordination with the company's departments necessary for the purchase of supplies.
  • Purchase of personal biosafety kits for drivers and operational staff.
  • Coordinate with the heads of operations at  national level on biosafety input inventories.
  • Authorize and/or request authorization for the purchase of biosafety inputs at the different operational bases.
  • Make an approach with shops, supermarkets, restaurants and others in order to publicize the measures and protocol that is being implemented in the company.
  • Receive suggestions, recommendations and complaints from businesses or customers in order to improve the implementation processes.
  • Supervise along with the biosafety staff the compliance of biosafety protocols in operations and liquidity processes daily guarantee that the cleaning and disinfection tasks are being executed effectively.
  • Make periodic talks to aware drivers (give safety recommendations following restaurants and shops requests). Make periodic talks for the administrative staff to update them about the biosafety protocols.

  • Carry out the periodic evaluation of the biosafety staff in order to correct any bad process
  • Keep strict norms of biosafety protocols for all the staff, including drivers and administrative staff to prevent from any faults.
  • visits to inspect and reinforce the implemented measures
  • Look for prices of laboratories that give the best cost-benefit option for the implementation of COVID tests to all staff


  • High School degree. Business Administration internship. Military or police training
  • 5-year experience in people’s management
  • English and Spanish 50%
  • specific knowledge in Staff management, project development, staff development, performance evaluation

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